The introspective, heartfelt songs of indie folk rock artist Angela Drago express her philosophy that music is a powerful, universal language that can span the full spectrum of human emotion and forge profound connections within the universe. In her raw and honest recordings and performances, she uses her lush voice and passionate guitar passages to impart personal, melodic stories that expose the extraordinary moments of a sincerely-lived life, grounded in love, hope and adventure. Her music resonates with her intimate perspectives, evoking the distinctive spirits of wise, dynamic storytellers like Tori Amos, PJ Harvey and Ani DiFranco. The bittersweet, complex textures she creates illuminate her ability to push past boundaries and experiment with lyrics and harmony and are a tribute to pioneers like Led Zeppelin, Jeff Buckley and BT– artists capable of creating luxurious, intricate soundscapes.

Fascinated by the imaginative process of musical discovery, Angela started developing her skills as a multi-instrumentalist by teaching herself to play on her grandfather’s baby grand piano and eventually gravitating towards guitar and bass. Growing up, she explored her own vocal range by singing along to the music of distinctive pop and folk voices like Madonna, Mariah Carey, Wilson Phillips and The Bangles, closely studying master storytellers like Bob Dylan and the Indigo Girls as she continued to grow as an artist. Her natural ability to pick up different instruments and easily use them to create melodies, harmonies and lyrics along with her natural intuition for song structure and composition continues to help her weave delicately-tuneful tapestries that present emotionally-charged images of the darkness of life’s shadows while still illuminating the sparkle of its brightest moments.

Angela continues to create diligently as a prolific songwriter and performs locally in the Washington, DC Metro area.


2019 Dan Caden